Our main goal is to provide first class services to all our clients and ensure a smooth transit when buying your new property. To simplify the entire process for you, we work together with local real estate agents, lawyers, tax advisors and notaries. Property purchases in Spain are governed by local legislation and the local taxation system, and conditions may therefore differ from other markets. Nevertheless, Spain is a country open to foreign investments into residential properties, and at present these can be bought by both natural persons and legal entities.

Among the services we offer are in particular:

Arranging personal viewing of selected properties
Preparing and verifying all documents relevant for the property being purchased (land register certificate, checking for potential encumbrances, verification of title deeds, determining running costs, etc.)
Preparing and verifying documents – reservation agreement, title deed, arranging signatures on contractual documents and registration of these documents in the Land Register, registering the client with authorities, reregistering utilities to the new landlord, etc.
Obtaining a Spanish tax number, the NIE (a tax number for foreigners) which is essential for the transfer of ownership

Fees and taxes paid in Spain (Andalusia) when buying a property


1) Taxes when buying a new property (straight from the developer)

VAT (IVA): 10% of purchase price
Stamp duty: 1.5% of purchase price

2) Taxes when buying a re-sale property

Property transfer tax (ITP) of 8% of purchase price at a purchase price up to € 400,000
Property transfer tax (ITP) of 9% of purchase price at a purchase price of € 400,001 to € 700,000
Property transfer tax (ITP) of 10% of purchase price at a purchase price from € 700,001

3) VAT for business premises and land plots

The VAT for business premises or land plots, depending on the situation, of 10 % or 21 % of purchase price
Other fees:

Notary fees: from € 500 to € 3,000 depending on the purchase price and the number of pages of the Title Deed
Entry to Land Register: approximately 70% of the notary fees

Lawyer: approximately 1% of purchase price

Regular rates and taxes paid by landlords:

Property tax (IBI): 0.4% to 1.1% – derived from table values and determined from the Land Register value of the property, which is significantly lower than the purchase price

Community fees (Comunidad): fees for common areas of properties which are part of a complex, cleaning and gardening services, security, etc.)

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